On the move with Aeropress

I love the Aeropress and have used this for years. It’s such a simple device but it allows so much control over your brew, and is easy to use. It has the added benefit of being virtually indestructible, easy to clean, and easy to travel with, so you have no excuses to not have good coffee if you’re on the road.

What do you need?

Ground coffee, hot water, an Aeropress with the end cap and filter

Grind size: A little bit finer than a pour over. Medium to fine
Hot water: 185 degrees.
Coffee: 20 Grams.

We have tried this with all of our coffee’s and have found that for the best results, try with either our Brazil or House

Method: Inverted

Arrange the Aeropress so the plunger is inserted only about 1 cm into the brewer, and flip it up so its resting on the plunger end. This is a great time to smell the wonderful aromas of your coffee.

Step 1: Pouring in the hot water

Pour in the hot water and try to wet as much of the coffee as possible all at once. One of the best bits of the Aeropress is that it allows you to control exactly how much time the water and coffee have in contact with each other. Pour almost to the very top, allowing only enough headspace to allow you to quickly stir the coffee as to ensure it is all fully saturated with water. This means that about 255-265 grams of water are in the brew chamber with the ground coffee.

Step 2: Start a timer.

Let the coffee steep for 1 minute before pressing.

Step 3: Pour bypass, 60 grams of water.

The only limiting factor of the aeropress is its size. With the volume of the brew chamber being what it is you are limited to about 8 oz at a time. So for this recipe, we are essentially preparing a concentrated brew, and adding water after the fact to bring the brew to the proper volume and ratio. The ratio that i’ve found that works best for immersion type brewers (French Press, Aeropress, etc.) is about 1:15 ground coffee to hot water. Because the Aeropress will only hold the 21g coffee plus 255 grams of coffee, 60 grams of water as bypass brings the brew to 315 total grams of water, right on that 1:15 ratio.

Make sure you have a sturdy mug to press into!

Step 4:

Slightly wet paper filter in cap.

Step 5:

Once your timer finishes, fasten the filter cap on brewer, flip brewer over directly onto your vessel, and press.
This is another step that can get a bit messy if you’re not careful. I place the upside down funnel on top of the Aeropress, and with one hand on the funnel and one hand on the plunger handle, carefully turn the brewer over so the funnel leads into the mug with the bypass water already in it. Make sure when you go to press the plunger that your not pressing on top of your scale. Go ahead and press pretty aggressively, the funnel should make sure that you don’t lose coffee out the side. If you find that your coffee is extremely difficult to press, its an indication that your grind is probably too fine.

From start to finish this whole process should take no more than 2 minutes. The great thing about this style of brewing is that it’s very easy to change the different variables, experiment with how that affects the taste of your brew, and find something you like!

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